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Compatibility of the replacement LCD

Screens.Uk guarantees a working replacement LCD or your money back!

Our site is designed to make it easy for our customers to quickly locate the replacement LCD by either the LCD model number, laptop model number, or the LCD part number.
Whichever method is used to look up the listings on our site, we ensure that the size, back-light and the resolution are a match. We also ensure that the listing is a match to other important specification such as colour gamut and display technology.
Simply speaking we'll ship a panel that is comparable in specs or better, and never a lesser panel.

We provide panels that are compatible with the devices our customer are looking to replace the screen in. In most cases this means that it will be a brand new panel that may not be an exact match to the one installed originally and may not be an exact match to what was searched on our website.  LCDs are manufactured year round, and newer panels replace models produced earlier. Which means a laptop manufactured 2 or more years ago will likely have a panel that is no longer produced but is replaceable by a newer compatible part. We take care of the compatibility for our customers.

Why not sell exact LCD as contained in my laptop? Major laptop manufacturers such as Dell, HP, Toshiba, Lenovo and Acer do not manufacture LCDs themselves and source their screens from the dedicated LCD manufacturers such as LG, Samsung, Innolux, AUO and others. Many identical model laptops can be shipped with multiple different LCD model numbers from various original manufacturers. Some manufacturers such as Lenovo even list 5 different LCD models from 5 different manufactures instead of just one in their hardware maintenance manuals. It is not necessary to match the exact LCD model to the original one to have a working beautiful new panel.

At the end what matters are the specs and the signal compatibility. Majority of our customers report receiving a newer and better looking panel than the one they had originally because a newer panel became available after their laptop was produced.

If an exact model number is important to you, you are welcome to contact us to inquire, we'd be happy to report which models we currently have on hand and can arrange to ship you an exact model.

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