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How to determine LCD screen model number

One of the most precise ways to identify which replacement LCD will work on your computer is by your original LCD's manufacturer model number. And since your original LCD will need to be removed during the replacement procedure you may as well remove it now and get the right info!

Few facts:
Every LCD has a manufacturer's label on the back, unless it was removed after manufacture.
Every LCD model number contains physical diagonal dimension of the panel within itself.
Every LCD model number is specific to the manufacturer.

Tips for locating:
- Whether your screen is made by Samsung, LG, AU Optronics, the manufacturer's name will be present on the model number label
- If your screen is 15.6" diagonally the LCD model number will contain numbers 156 in it
- LCD model number label will be larger and more prominent than any other labels such as a serial number label
- Ultimately every LCD model number label will contain the country of manufacture

Samsung - LTN156AT17 , AUO - B156HAN01.0, LG Phillips - LP156UD1(SP)(A1)

Adiditonal info:
LCD manufacturers decide for themselves where to put their LCD model number labels, so the location of the individual label will vary by the manufacturer and the type of the display, but the manufacturer's prefix code will remain standard for each manufacturer.
Please see the following list of common LCD manufacturer's and their respective LCD model nubmer prefixes:

Samsung - LTN
LG Phillips - LP
Innolux - N
BOE Hydis - HB
HannStar - HSD


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